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Capacitance Type Level Transmitters

Capacitance type Level TransmittersIndicators are used for all types of liquids (without Moisture, Fumes and Foam)

This instrument works on principle of change in Capacitance between two metallic surfaces.
The Sensing Probe would be SS rod coated with PTFE and the Metallic Tank would be considered as Reference.
We have the Capacitance type Level Transmitter suitable even to operate in non-metallic tanks

Accuracy : 1% FSD
Mounting : from Top of the tank
Level Indication : Digital through a Panel mounted Indicator (needs external power supply)
Max.sensing length of the transmitter : up to 3 meters with Rod and up to 10 meters with Rope
Sensor MOC : PFTE coated SS 316 (Rod type probe or, Rope type probe)
Process connection: Threaded, flanged or, Triclover connection
Electrical Terminal Housing : Weather proof Aluminium or, flameproof
Output of the transmitter : 4 to 20 mA
Power Supply : 24 V DC (2 wire)
Max. Fluid Temp. : up to 150 degree C
Max. Fluid Pressure : 10 Kg/cm2
If temperature is continuously varying, capacitance level transmitters are not recommended.

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