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We have Electro Magnetic Flow Meters, which has Digital Readout for Flow Rate as well as Total Flow. The Digital Indicator unit can be Field mounted or, Panel mounted. The very important point about Electro Magnetic type Flow Meters is, the fluid passing through it must be conductive, The conductivity of the liquid must be at least 0.5 S/Cm.

These meters are also called as Magflow or, EM Flow Meters. These meters has no any moving parts in it, so these very well recommended for food grade applications like juices, milk, Muncipal or, Industrial Water, etc. Because there are no moving parts in it, these meters are also suitable for liquids were there are lot of suspended particles like Sewage, Waste Water, Chemicals, Slurries etc.

Electomagnetic Flwo Meters are available in three types on the basis of their construction. : Full Bore type Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Sandwich type Electromagnetic Flow Meters and Insertion type Electromagnetic Flow Meters.

Insertion type Electromagnetic Flow Meters are provided along with Hot Tab Assmebly for the safty in use, ease in installation and ease in maintenance.

These type of meters requirs very low maintenance.

Meter Sizes : DN 10 up to DN 2000
End Connections : Flanged Ends, Tri-Clover Ends, SMS type or, Wafer type.
Outer Body Materials : MS or, SS
Liner Materials : Soft or, Hard Rubber, PTFE, PFA or, Neoprene
Electrode Material : Hastelloy C or, B, Titanium
Velocity suitability : 0.5 up to 10 M/Sec.

We manufacture various types of .....

Level Gauges, Float operated Level Indicators, Float operated Level Switches and Temperature Sensors. We also manufacture Customized Process Indicators, Controllers and Control Systems.