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Ultrasonic Type Level Transmitters

Ultrasonic Level Indicator are suitable for measuring the Level if fluid in the tank by non contcat method.
The Instrument works on Sound Waves and the out put from the same ( 4 to 20 mA) is given to a Digital Level Indicator.
The instrument is suitable for Foam Free and fumes Free material only.
Types : 2-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter & Self Compensating (3/4 Wire) Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
The salient features and specifications are as follow :

Simple push-button calibration (Accurate)
Output 4-20 mA / 20-4 mA
(Isolated on 4 Wire Model's only)
Built-in temperature compensation
Optional RS232 Or RS485 communications with calibration, diagnostics and data
logging software
PLC compatible
Three or Four Wire Operation
Self Cleaning operation of sensor face
Solids (Models 25 U, 45U & 52U Below)
Solids Range Approx. ½ of liquid
C = Communication 4 for 485 or 2 for 232, Blank = no Communications
XX = Operating Frequency, U = Ultrasonic 400 = AC Power, 300 = DC Power

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